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Discover all there is to do in your free time.

If you are new to The Hague and it's surrounding areas, have lived here for a while and are looking to find out what 2010/2011 has in store for culture and leisure, are looking to expand your social network and connect with International The Hague, then you simply cannot miss this event. Come along and discover all there is to do in your free time at Feel at Home in The Hague - The International Community Fair 2010.

This year, Feel at Home in The Hague - The International Community Fair 2010 will replace last year's 'International Culture & Leisure in Holland 2009/2010 Fair', returning to it's original concept - to provide the International community in The Hague and it's surrounding areas with information and services aimed to enhance leisure time, assist visitors on developing existing hobbies or passions or simply inspire them to find new ones. At the same time, the event encourages visitors to make new contacts and connect with locals and other Expats in the area. Cultural organisations, sports and social clubs as well as service providers will be present to provide useful information regarding language-no-problem activities, services and events suitable for the International community in The Hague region.

With some 60,000 expats and internationals living in the city, and around 80 nationalities and a diverse assortment of cultures and languages, secure plans to expand The Hague's cultural scene to further attract Internationals to the city are underway. One of the Fair's main goals is therefore to enhance the image of The Hague as an attractive International city offering a diverse range of cultural activities and events for its International residents.

Organiser of the Fair and director of TheHagueOnLine.com Billy Allwood believes that Fair is an invaluable asset to Internationals and Expats. "I wish the Fair was here when I arrived in The Hague 16 years ago."

The choice of English as a common language for communication unites the International citizens residing in The Hague region. This year, Feel at Home in The Hague anticipates approximately 150 stand-holders providing English information in the areas of Top Events 2010/2011, Health and Wellness, Property and Travel, Business Services, Sports and Activities, as well as Education and Careers.

A magazine will be distributed to each visitor, filled with useful articles and information about International The Hague.

Tickets for the Fair cost 5 euro each. Children under 18 may enter free of charge. The restaurant at the entrance of the city hall will be open for snacks and coffee during the Fair.

The Fair has in the past attracted between 2000 - 4000 visitors, securing its position as one of the biggest International events of the year, and providing itself to be a truly useful source to new and existing internationals in the area.

Mark your agenda for the fifth annual Feel at Home in The Hague - The International Community Fair 2010, taking place in the Atrium of the City Hall on Sunday, 19 September 2010, and discover all there is to do in your free time in one location.